Quick Gun

An android app which turns your smart phone into a virtual gun. Ever want to shot someone immediately? There is an app for that!

Optimized to quickly open, already config sound at maximum level. All you have to do is point your phone to the enemy’s head and pull the trigger (i.e tap on the screen)


Get it on Google Play

Craigslist Notifier

Tired of searching Craigslist again and again to see if someone has just posted a new listing? My new Chrome Extension Craigslist Notifier does just that – check the search result every 5 minutes and automatically notify you of any update. Anything you viewed will not show up again as notification, and the viewed list is synced across your chrome browsers/ devices.


—– Jul 20th, 2014 : Due to craigslist’s recent updates, I’ve taken down the tool to update the code —— Continue reading…

Coinbase Tracker

A small¬†Google Chrome’s extension that automatically updates bitcoin price on its icon. Quite useful for those buy/sell bitcoin from coinbase.

Coinbase price tracking and shortcuts. Check bitcoin price every 30 seconds, update to icon one-click access to main website to buy/sell

Penguin Posture

A small web application which I & my team developed in Global Youth Summit 2013. Its main function is to help you diagnose bad posture problem by comparing your posture on a photo & the standard posture.

It’s very simple to use:

  1. Login by facebook at http://posture.chan.io/index.html
  2. Accept camera usage of browser, then take a photo of yourself
  3. Mark 5 points on your spine
  4. The app will automatically calculate the distance from your posture & the optimal posture, then give you a notice on what’s wrong with your posture.



Useful VIM tips you may have never heard of

Vim LogoI have always been a fan of Vim. Despite the steep learning curve, this command line based editor has been one of the most productive tool i’ve ever used. There are tons of tips to improve your productivity with Vim.¬†In this blog post I am going to share some advanced Vim tips i’ve been using. I am trying not to include any basic stuffs, just the advanced ones that makes me “wow” when discovered. Continue reading…